Kristin FitzPatrick
Praise for My Pulse Is an Earthquake


Colorado Review:

New Pages:

"Kristin FitzPatrick has a gift for creating wholly formed worlds—simultaneously familiar and unique—that she invites us to enter while she spins out richly layered stories quite unlike any we’ve heard before. My Pulse Is an Earthquake is a truly masterful debut collection to settle into and savor.

  --Stephanie G’Schwind, editor of Colorado Review

“Bold and refreshingly original, this debut work of fiction is astonishing. FitzPatrick spins out intriguing and richly textured stories, and in doing so reveals the dreams and struggles of children, aspiring artists, and working-class adults. With compassion and insight, these interlinked stories help us fathom the extraordinary vividness of ordinary life.”

  --Laura Long, author of Out of Peel Tree

“Kristin FitzPatrick possesses an extraordinary ability to place fascinating characters into situations that reveal profound mysteries and nuances of the human condition. Long after you’ve closed the cover on her debut short story collection, you’ll find yourself longing to know what happens beyond the small precious glimpse you’ve been lucky to catch of her characters’ vibrant, astonishing worlds.”

  --Bridget Boland, author of The Doula, and owner of ModernMuse, Energetics for Writers  

"In this wonderfully diverse collection Kristin FitzPatrick demonstrates over and over how well she knows the world and how deeply she understands her fierce and reckless characters. Her vivid plots and immaculate prose carry her readers to the edge of darkness. My Pulse Is an Earthquake is a terrific debut."

  --Margot Livesey, author of Eva Moves the Furniture and The New York Times best seller The Flight of Gemma Hardy. She now teaches at Iowa Writers' Workshop.

My Pulse is an Earthquake offers some of the most beautiful prose I’ve read in a long time, along with some of the most memorable characters. There’s magic between these covers. I loved every word, and I’ll be reading every word she writes from now on.”

  --Steve Yarbrough, author of The Realm of Last Chances

“With a mesmerizing economy of language, Kristin FitzPatrick fathoms how people either rise to or fail each other in the crucial occasions of their lives. Each finely made story contributes to the book’s cumulative emotional power, which is--miraculously--both restrained and shattering."

  --Elise Blackwell, author of Hunger and The Lower Quarter

“With nimble structuring and evocative prose, FitzPatrick's pleasingly cohesive collection offers as many artful callbacks and codas as dazzling explorations of emotional vacancy and rebirth.”

  --Kirkus Reviews